Brandon Jennings Believes He Is A Max Salary Player

brandon_jennings_2011_12_30This piece is brought to you by the words expectation and reality. It seems that Brandon Jennings has some lofty expectations that don’t correlate to reality. According to Racine Journal-Times reporter Gery Woefel Jennings wants believes he is a max contract players.

“I talked to one of the more prominent sports agents out there, I can’t say his name, unfortunately. But he and I were talking today about the Jennings situation and he said really it came down to two things. One goes back to the possible contract extension he could have got earlier this year, in which nothing happened. I was told, by this agent, who is pretty much in the know, that Jennings wanted the maximum amount.”

Not sure what world Jennings is living in but, there are only a few point guards in the league worth the maximum and he isn’t nor has he ever been one of those players. There is one thing to think that you have that ability and another thing altogether to believe you are when everyone watching you play knows that you aren’t.

“When he saw what Stephen Curry got, what (Ty) Lawson got, and what (Jrue) Holiday got, it was more in the $11 to 12 million. Jennings thought he should be maxed.”

The problem with his thinking here is that these guys are better players than he is right now. All three do everything better than Jennings does. And if you look at their salary none are making max money. Jennings is a good basketball player but, he is an inconsistent shooter and a hesitant distributor at the point.

 If Jennings believes he is a max talent that is fine but, he has yet to show that on the floor consistently. This was brought to you by the words expectation and reality. Brandon Jennings expectations will lead to a heavy dose of reality this off-season.