If it Ain’t About the Money
Sorry Taj
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Just Shut-Up and Play?
Tony Snell Might be Alright

Hands Off Jimmy! Dont Touch Jimmy!


Jimmy Butler has been the Bulls best and most consistent offensive option all season long and the playoffs thus far have been nothing different. Coming into game 2 against the Milwaukee Bucks it was obvious that the game would a Continue reading

2015 Western Conference First Round Preview


Let the bloodbath begin. Warriors/Pelicans Would it be disrespectful to KG if I called Anthony Davis Da Kid? Well who cares Da Kid is in the playoffs after a legitimately historical season. On the last night of the season Davis Continue reading

2015 Eastern Conference First Round Preview


Someone said on Twitter that first round of the Eastern conference Playoffs should be shown on Snapchat. Someone else said that the games should be shown through Instagram video.  After the initial laugh I thought about a reason why it Continue reading

Congratu-fucking-lations St. Louis


On Sunday, April 4th, 2015 ‘The ‘Lou’ invaded the city of Chicago, then proceeded to engage in a bit of small scale warfare on multiple fronts. On this day, the Patrick Kane-less Blackhawks hosted the Blues at the local frozen Continue reading

Judge Declares “Bitches Ain’t Shit but Hoes and Tricks “


Sooo, way’ment. Nine, count ’em, NINE women had the most precious portion of their being ravaged and unceremoniously, mercilessly misappropriated by a veritable psychopath and as a community we have levied the excruciating punishment of nine years in prison? Yeah, Continue reading