Why Bobby Portis you ask?
The Bulls disappointment
LeBron is the Finals MVP…..But Not if the Cavs Lose
If it Ain’t About the Money
Sorry Taj

LaMarcus Aldridge explains cancelled Knicks meeting.


The Portland Trail Blazers spent the better part of LaMarcus Aldridge’s career there trying to pair him with the right center. Anyone that has paid attention to Aldridge can see that while he will play Center he feels more comfortable Continue reading

Stephen Jackson announces retirement; he was the best!


Captain Jack was one of my favorite basketball personalities. He pulled no punches, and I mean that quite literally. Jackson what the typen of guy you wanted in your team. Captain Jack was clutch on the court, winning a ring Continue reading

You wanna crown em; crown em but…


Let’s face it, Connor McGregor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He is now the interim featherweight champion and his shit talking has only begun. Another thing we must all face and by all I mean the fanboys, Connor McGregor didn’t Continue reading

IN THE RAW: Raw results 6/13/15


Thou shall not intentionally provoke the beast. This is the 11th commandment. Paul Heyman had yet another stern warning for Seth Rollins as Raw began. There will be blood at the contract signing. Orton, Ryback, Big Show and Sheamus get Continue reading

The Youthful Aura that is Joe Maddon


As a kid, growing up in Chicago and Cocoa Beach, Florida I unlike a lot of my friends on my block had my father in my life. My dad realized this as well and took on the responsibility and challenge. Continue reading

IN THE RAW: Raw results 7/6/15


We’re baaaaaaaack! A lot has happened but we will get to that in later posts. How fitting that IN THE RAW returns while Raw is in Chicago; Suplex City…Bitch. The beast incarnate lead us into Raw with his manager describing Continue reading

Boxing & Baseball: Why We Must Be Patient


We as modern Americans live in a society where we want our results and we want them YESTERDAY. From our fast food, to our internet connections to even getting off early to beat that rush hour traffic. We have families, Continue reading